A record increase in the number of projects financed by foreign investors in Poland!

The world market is changing fast. Due to the pandemic, foreign investors are unwilling to invest in projects in other countries. In June, the edition of “Puls Biznesu” reported that, despite the global situation, Poland had a record increase in the number of foreign direct investment projects!

In June, the edition of Puls Biznesu published analytical data of a company from the Financial Times fDi Markets group, according to ware presented the countries in which foreign investors are still investing. Poland currently has the fourth place. In the first five, in addition to Poland, there are countries such as Ghana, Norway, Sri Lanka, Slovakia. Although the number of projects is slightly different.

From January to April this year, the number of projects financed from foreign direct investment in Poland increased. According data from the fDi Markets group, the “Puls Biznesu” edition concludes that Poland “is in the first place among countries in terms of the number of announced investments”. Comparing to the same period last year (January-April 2019), this number increased from 145 to 165 projects. Mainly investors invest in real estate projects. According to the release data, record growth in projects took place in the renewable energy industry. In the same period a year ago, 1 project was announced from this industry, while 16 projects were announced this year.

Also, it is noted that according to data from the fDi Markets group, the number of planned investments in the world decreased by 45%.

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