Why is it worth investing in a franchise?

According to the survey, Polish entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing franchise as a safe and checked business idea. Currently, around 6 million people start a business under license.Franchise adviser Magdalena Kurda in an article for the portal points out that “franchise is currently one of the most important and stable sectors of the Polish economy.” Due to the fact that Franchisors offer comprehensive support, more and more people are investing in a checked business idea.

The portal together with the consulting company PROFIT system have prepared a report on the franchise market 2019/2020. The report shows that there are 1310 franchise networks and 83 000 franchisees in Poland. The most popular business in the franchise sector are grocery stores (trade industry) and gastronomy concepts (service industry). Recently, vegetarian restaurants, specialist stores and educational concepts have been gaining interest and popularity.

It is noted that due to the fact that the franchise is constantly evolving, franchisors are increasingly qualified and are able to support their business partners at all times to succeed in business.

Experts estimate that every year 2-3 thousand franchise branches will open in Poland.

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