Poland attracts foreign investors: data for 2021

Despite the pandemic and many inconveniences related to it, Poland is still noticeable and willingly chosen among foreign investors.

Only last year, 2021, foreign investors in Poland invested over three and a half billion euros, which is approximately eight hundred million euros more than in 2020. The most popular
and the largest investors were: South Korea, Germany and the United States. These three countries have invested the most, and their financial outlays for 2021 are classified as follows:

• South Korea the most, about two billion euros and creating 1 thousand. 967 jobs,
• Germany has invested one hundred and fifty five million euro and 192 jobs,
• United States three hundred sixty four million and 5 thousand. 414 jobs.

All these investments were in sectors such as medicine, electronics, construction, business services, automotive and electromobility. It is worth noting that these investments do not accumulate only in the capital city, but throughout Poland in various provinces.

What do foreign investors really value Poland for?

Poland’s strength and undoubtedly an advantage are young people, not only well-educated, but also full of passion and commitment, as well as a fast path of investor service, dedication and aid programs well suited to market needs. Did you know that Poland is the 4th largest student and graduate of such faculties as engineering, mathematics, construction, technology and life sciences in the EU? Which gives the country an advantage and pride to such talented young people. Poland, despite the current pandemic situation, has a fairly stable economy with an established macroeconomic position. Forecasts for this and the next year are also very satisfactory and there are good chances for another record of direct foreign investments, expansion of business sectors, new jobs and other countries investing in Polish market. We can wait and observe the situation and keep our fingers crossed for an even greater increase in investments of various countries in the Polish economy.

Source: https://www.pb.pl/paih-w-2021-r-zagraniczne-firmy-zainwestowaly-w-polsce-35-mld-euro-1138129

https://www.msn.com/pl-pl/finanse/najpopularsze-artykuly/polska- Klimatyzacja-dla-inwestor%C3%B3w/ar-AATWfFN?li=BBr5CAr

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