Franchise will survive the coronary crisis!

In Poland, before the coronavirus pandemic, 1310 franchise chains were operating and 83,000 were franchisees. Most of these concepts are native brands. Whereas the most popular in Poland are franchises from the commerce and services category, mainly grocery stores and gastronomic establishments. Franchising is an area that developed the fast before the coronavirus pandemic in Poland.

During the global crisis in 2008 year, the franchising area did not lose, and vice versa began its rapid development. The number of franchise branches was 25,654 units in 2007 year, and already in 2010 year there were 45,202 branches on the market. At the same time, the number of franchise concepts increased.

Running your own franchise has various challenges and advantages. On the one hand, the franchisee is responsible for the results of his branch, he is to pay various fees (for example, monthly, marketing, initial) to the franchisor. From the other hand, the franchisee receives a checked business idea, minimizes the risks related with running his own business, receives complete support at almost every moment in managing the interest. It is also worth underline that the total investment in opening a franchise branch may be lower compared to starting a business from zero.

Currently, franchisors help and support their franchisees. For example, they have exempted them from franchise fees, they negotiate a lower rent for renting the premises, etc. Franchisors say that now they have become better and smarter. Of course, there are concepts that have not survived this test, but more of those who think that a corona crisis is the best time to start business. At least because the market has reduced the amount of competition.

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