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Expanding Your Reach in Poland, Europe & the Middle East
Unveil lucrative growth opportunities and connect with key stakeholders in thriving markets through strategic participation in top franchise and trade fairs.
Franchise Market Boom:
• Poland: The Polish franchise market is projected to reach $5.8 billion by 2027, fueled by high consumer confidence and a growing appetite for international brands. Join events like Franchise Expo (May 23-25, Warsaw) or Fast Growth Forum (October 4-5, Warsaw) to tap into this dynamic market.
• Europe: The European franchise market showcases exceptional resilience, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Participate in established events like Franchise Forum (March 6-8, Paris) or Franchise Expo Italia (May 9-11, Milan) to connect with investors and expand your brand across the continent.
• Middle East: Witness the burgeoning potential of the Middle Eastern franchise market, projected to reach $26.8 billion by 2023. Leverage prominent events like
MEFF (September 5-7, Doha) or Saudi Franchise Expo (October 29-31, Riyadh)
to access this rapidly growing landscape.

Trade Fair Landscape:
• Poland: Explore diverse sectors at established events like Green Trade (January 31-February 2, Poznań) for environmental technology or World Food Warsaw (September 24-26, Warsaw) for the food and beverage industry.
• Europe: Immerse yourself in the latest innovations at GITEX Technology Week (October 8-12, Dubai) for tech advancements or BAU Munich (April 23-28, Munich) for the construction industry.
• Middle East: Stay ahead of the curve with events like Big 5 Construct North Africa (November 12-14, Cairo) for the construction sector or Beauty world Middle East (October 8-10, Dubai) for the beauty and cosmetics industry.
Maximize Your Exposure:
• Targeted Participation: Select events based on your industry, brand vision, and target audience for optimal success.
• Strategic Engagement: Network with potential partners, investors, and franchisees to build lasting connections.
• Showcase your Brand: Create a compelling presence and highlight your unique selling propositions.
• Track and Analyze: Monitor results and leverage data to refine your future strategies.
By strategically participating in relevant franchise and trade fairs, you can unlock new markets, secure profitable partnerships, and propel your brand to the forefront of the global marketplace.

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