Gastronomy in the franchise

The area of ​​the catering sector is undoubtedly one of the most popular and profitable activities. Your own pizzeria, a larger or smaller restaurant, and even a roadside milk bar can ensure high earnings, but also satisfaction and fulfillment.

Franchised gastronomy has been particularly popular recently. As part of a franchise agreement, gastronomy starts its operation immediately, and it is in a much better position than other competing premises without such an agreement. Ordinary entrepreneurs still have to create and work hard on their quality and recognition of the newly created brand, which requires a long time.

In addition to the recognizable brand, the franchisee also receives the know-how of the selected company, as well as substantive and marketing support throughout the contract and its duration. In addition, most networks provide comprehensive support in the search for a suitable premises, its visualization and arrangement according to the accepted standards of a given franchise, as well as training of employees, managers and owners of the newly opened outlet.

The franchise model offers many opportunities, as many people have already found out. At the beginning of January, another Lafaye coffee island of our client was opened, this time in Rzeszów. Just a few months ago, coffee islands were opened in Warsaw and Toruń. This is the best proof that the success of a ready-made brand is certain.

We are proud of the fact that we can participate and be part of the realization of dreams, passions and intended goals.

If you are also thinking about your business or want to get more information on the franchise business model, please contact us. Our experienced team will help, advise and guide you step by step through the entire process, up to the implementation and opening of your dream business.

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