Companies invest because they know about Poland’s development potential

Bonair became the first official Microsoft partner in Poland. The company’s chairman thinks that the investments of two large IT companies Microsoft and Google will have a big impact on the digital Polish market. “Investments in Poland show that we are not only an important market for capital investment, but also a key location for foreign partners in Central and Eastern Europe […]” – said Andrzej Wach, chairman of Bonair, informs of the portal

Investments by Google and Microsoft in Poland

Google intends to invest more than 2 billion $ to create a data center in Poland. On the other hand, Microsoft will invest a billion PLN in the development of cloud computing and modern solutions in the digital industry for companies.

The chairman of Bonair accent the need for the development of the IT industry. Noting that modern technologies are very useful in running a business, while medium and small companies still do not have much trust for new technology. “Poland is one of the most dynamically developing economies in Europe. We are open to foreign investors, and the main advantage of our country is the rich base of people with appropriate education. The digital development of the country is a great opportunity for all enterprises, and for many it is simply a necessity to operate in global supply chains” – says the chairman, informs of the portal

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