Polish passport among the best in the world!

According to the Passport Index report created by Arton Capital, the New Zealand passport is the most powerful in the world. The Polish passport was sixth in this ranking.

Passport Index is an interactive passport ranking tool in the world. Created and supported by Arton Capital, it is the only real-time global passport ranking of the world, updated as often as new visa waivers and changes are introduced.

The New Zealand passport turned out to be the best. It allows you to travel without a visa to 129 countries. It is the most powerful passport in the world. Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, Japan, South Korea and Australia came in second. Citizens of these countries can travel to 128 countries without a visa.

Citizens of Sweden, Belgium, France, Finland, Italy and Spain can go on a visa-free trip to 127 countries.

The passports of such countries as the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Lithuania, Norway, Iceland, Great Britain and Canada were just behind the podium. They allow you to travel to 126 countries without a visa.

Malta, Slovenia and Latvia offer visa-free travel to 125 countries.

The Polish passport, which allows you to travel without a visa to 124 countries around the world, was ranked sixth. The same possibilities are offered by a Czech, Hungarian, Greek and Estonian passport.

The American passport allows visa-free entry to 92 countries (21st place), and the Chinese one to 63 countries (47th place).

The worst ones in the ranking were the passports of Afghanistan and Iraq, which allow entry without a visa to 31 countries of the world.


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