Good news for Poland. The forecasts of specialists give hope.

According to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, we have reasons to be satisfied with the increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which at the moment has increased by as much as 2 points. percent which also gives very good forecasts for the next year. The source predicts that the GDP may increase up to 5 percentage points. proc.

After last year’s economic results, this is undoubtedly a big full of things. Economists are very impressed by Poles in terms of commitment, mobility and the results of exports. This is a big step towards normality and a return to the pre-pandemic situation.

It is worth noting that a significant economic recovery is estimated in the second and third quarter of the year, when the degree of restrictions is planned to be reduced. Everyone is expecting a spectacular economic recovery. Annual GDP growth may reach record high levels not only in terms of the effect of a very low base from the previous year, but also excessively high activity of entrepreneurs and consumers after the end of the third lockdown. We are optimistic about the future and we believe that a similar situation as last year will not happen.




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