The value of foreign investments in Poland has increased! Check more details!

In 2019, the value of foreign investments increased – the portal Puls Biznesu reported, citing the balance of payments for the fourth quarter of last year of the National Central Bank.

The value of foreign investments in Poland last year increased by 0.50 billion PLN, i.e. amounted to 50.8 billion PLN.

The largest foreign investment transactions came from Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. Germany and Netherlands reinvested of profits, while the Spain reorganized into capital groups.

The National Central Bank pointed out that reinvestment of profits had the greatest impact. The costs of reinvesting the direct investment entity amounted to 53.4 billion PLN, i.e. 41% more than in 2018.

The increase in foreign investment was also affected by record dividends (a decrease of 13%). The good economic situation in the country had an impact on the increase in profits of direct investment entities in 2019.

Source of information: portal Puls Biznesu 

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