For Polish Companies

  • Find Your Franchisee
  • New Markets for Your Franchise
  • Cosmetics Distributers in ME.
  • Food Supplements Distributers in ME
  • Medical Devices Distributers in ME
  • Patient Support Programs.
  • For Private Label Manufacturers
  • Middle East Business Tours
  • Stand Alone Meetings in ME
  • Business & Cycle Meetings in ME
  • Conferences & Events in ME
  • Tourism in ME
  • Medical Tourism in Egypt
  • Invest in ME
  • For Education Providers in Poland
  • Other Projects (Wood -Amber – Fruits & Vegetables -Automotive)

We support you by:

  • Finding distributors for Polish Companies in Egypt, KSA & UAE.
  • providing necessary market insights & Market research.
  • identifying sales opportunities that enable to introduce polish products to the middle east
  • arranging B2B meetings with local partners in Middle East Countries.
  • Arranging business visits for Polish Companies representatives to visit Middle East (Egypt,KSA & UAE).
  • Represent polish companies & facilitate their participation in trade fairs, conferences and other events in Middle East.
  • Arranging visits for polish franchise owners to Middle East to schedule meetings to expand their franchise business & open branches in Middle East countries.
  • providing Legal support during contract.


  • Huge population & new market for polish products & services with more than 150,000,000 Inhabitants.
  • Exceptionally attractive partner for cooperation with rich trading traditions and modern infrastructure
  • One of the richest regions all over the world.
  • Huge economy with High consumption rates.
  • New business opportunities are arising :

EGYPT : Egypt marketplace offers manufacturers & developers a high value proposition. With a population of over 100 million, Egypt is the largest consumer market in the Middle East, representing huge potential for consumer goods manufacturers.

SAUDI ARABIA : 33.4 Millions with Nominal GDP 782 Billion USD.

  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Diversification of the economy through the rise of industrial output, trade, logistic, tourism and financial services -High public investments into the infrastructure -Sustainable strategy for key sectors and markets
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