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Which retail chains have the best promotions? BLIX AWARDS results

Poles decided in this year’s “BLIX AWARDS – CONSUMERS’ CHOICE” program which shops and discounts offered the best promotions for their customers. Among the best stores are Biedronka, Carrefour, Kaufland, Żabka, Makro, Castorama, Media Expert, Rossmann and Pepco. Over 3 million consumers took part in the survey.

In the “Promotion of the Year” category, the respondents assessed which promotions in the newspapers attracted them the most, and which they would like to use. An important factor in this category was price, product quality, and the need and desire ratio.

Biedronka was the winner in the Discounters group. It owes its honorable place thanks to daily promotions that encourage customers to buy regularly, as well as a wide range of products offered. Low price in relation to high-quality products also played an important role.

The Carrefour chain won in the Supermarket category. The chain can boast of high-quality products at affordable prices, thanks to the Food Transformation strategy implemented by the chain. The goal of supermarkets is universal availability of high-end products. It focuses on products that are Bio and Eco, which attracts many consumers.

Kaufland can boast an honorable place among hypermarkets. This brand focuses on regional products from Poland, but also on vegetarian and vegan products. Market wants each group of consumers to find something for themselves in their offer, so it spends a lot of time planning promotions to take into account the needs of different customer groups.

Żabka won in the Convenience group due to the versatility and availability of the offer. Żabka places emphasis on adapting its offer to changing trends, thanks to which it has a constantly updated range.

Makro is the most popular chain in the Cash & Carry category. The store reaches a large group of recipients with its advertising through newsletters, general offer, festivals and special actions. For these activities, customers have appreciated the brand for over 25 years.

In the Construction Products sector, the fight was fierce and even, but Castorama won. It beat its two rivals and convinced customers with its promotions.

Pepco has won two awards – in the Home Equipment and Children’s Articles category. It owes this thanks to careful planning of its campaigns and analysis of the consumer’s needs. When planning promotions, Pepco takes into account the annual calendar of holidays and occasions.

In the RTV-AGD appliances category, the Media Expert group achieved success thanks to an extensive network of supermarkets in small municipalities and poviats. Customers also appreciated the expansion of the store’s e-commerce operation.

Rossmann undisputedly won in the Drugstores category. The brand tries to match the offer and promotions for each client. The network also focuses on personalized promotions in their proprietary application for mobile phones.

Poles love promotions. The “BLIX AWARDS – CONSUMER CHOICE” competition organized by the Blix Group shows it perfectly. The Blix Group is an operator of the largest mobile applications on the market, i.e. BLIX, Zdrowe Zakupy and Qpony, used by over 2.5 million Poles per month.


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