Big data: application and functions

Big Data is becoming more and more popular all over the world day by day. It is used in many areas, not only in business, but also in everyday life. This is caused, among other things, by the fact that, as a work tool, it shows a source of very important data,while in our environment it often causes fear or even fear of excessive monitoring and even tracking by companies using it. However, it’s worth starting at the beginning of what Big Date is and what its history is to understand the key application and get to know its good and strengths.

Big Data is a term that defines the work related to searching, downloading,collecting, processing as well as analyzing available huge data, which is undoubtedly an IT revolution. It should be noted and kept in mind that this is a legal way and gathering information from various places and analyzing them is only for personal use. Therefore, the most important thing in Big Data is the processing of the obtained data and the use of drawing conclusions from it, and not the data collection itself. To be able to talk about Big Date activities, 3 main factors must be met:

  • Existence of a very large amount of data (In the case of various enterprises, this can be tens of terabytes of data, or even hundreds of petabytes).
  • High speed of data processing.
  • High degree of qualitative differentiation of data (means the availability of many types of data).

The history and the whole concept of Big Data is relatively new. Its origins, however,date back to the 1960s and 1970s, when the first data centers were just shaped and created and the initial database technologies were created. In the early 2003, as online services became more popular, people began to realize how much data isbeing generated and created each day. In 2005, the Hadoop platform was eveloped,specifically designed to store and analyze Big Data collections. During this period, the No SQL database began to gain popularity. The Internet caused more and more objects and devices to be connected, which resulted in the collection of even more data and then the creation of machine learning technologies. Even though Big Data has been around for a long time and technology has come a long way, it is only now that we can fully and effectively use its benefits and improve its subsequent aspects.


Where is Big Data most often and most often used?

This system is successfully used, among others, by commercial corporations in order to obtain answers about a given product or service. In Big Data banking, it is perfect for the problem of adjusting financial instruments to the specific needs of customers.In the Big Data industry and its techniques enable production to increase thanks to its data interpretation function. Also, shipping and logistics companies install specialsensors in vehicles, thus providing a lot of data on the traveled route. In the health care sector, Big Data techniques are used to store and collect information to ensure the safety and comfort of patients.

Big Data certainly has great potential. On its basis, you can create and exactly match the profile of needs and solutions. All these tools and facilities have a chance to create a competitive advantage on the market for people, sectors or companies that have agreed to use this method. Big Data has its positives for both the consumer and the companies, it helps to better visualize the market and the environment and propose the best tailored and personalized option. It all depends on whether the companies manage to use the collected data in an effective, ethical and non damaging way to current and future potential users.



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