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D- Kontigo Cosmetics Shop

D- Kontigo Cosmetics Shop

Kontigo is a chain of cosmetics stores with professional service and an assortment at an affordable price. The name of the network comes from the word contigo, which means “with you” in Spanish and Portuguese. This is a message sent directly to every woman who is the center of our attention. Everything revolves around her. It is she who is the most important, and our concept was created with her in mind. 

Our goal is to create a space and atmosphere in which every woman can feel special. The time she spends at Kontigo should allow her to break away from her daily duties. 

Our assortment includes only a wide range of cosmetic products for makeup and body, face and hair care, as well as fragrances and accessories. Among the available brands are Polish and Asian products, as well as natural cosmetics. These include Moia (for face makeup), Moov (for lips and nails) and Mystik Warsaw (for eyes). We also offer Korean products such as Missha and Holika Holika. Kontigo also offers its own brands: Biolove, You-Niverse shampoos and conditioners, K accessories! and a series of makeup brushes. The stores also offer Embroyolisse, Peggy Sage, Neonail, Golden Rose and Miya, valued by customers.

We strive to support our franchisees. People interested in cooperating with Kontigo can count on intensive make-up and sales training. 



13 stores


  • Co-financing store equipment (furniture, cosmetics testing station with natural lighting, testing zone for body care cosmetics and Asian cosmetics, external signage: signboard, coffer, cash register module, promotional shelves)
  • Marketing support (large image and sales campaigns, a recognizable franchisor brand, ready marketing printed: newsletters, posters, leaflets, wobblers, price lists – provided by Kontigo; a proven loyalty program, tools to strengthen sales, sensory marketing, participation in events organized by the franchisor) 
  • Business support (store coordinator – operational support, extensive intensive training package, incentive system for store staff, help in choosing the most suitable store location, preparation of the premises before opening, help with first stocking, daily reports and sales analyzes, modern business management and control tools: Smart Eye, Forcom, Perspectiv, OBI, technical support of a dedicated IT department, reliable logistics with a guarantee of constant supplies).


– adequate financial resources

-partner cooperation

– ethics in business

-compliance with modern franchise rules

– building a positive image of Kontigo together.



We invite everyone who is fed up with full-time work and would like to achieve financial stability and run a proven business on clear and simple principles. Contact us and arrange an individual meeting, where we will discuss all the details of your business

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