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Another cafe of our client joined the group of numerous establishments of the Dobro & Dobro Cafe chain last month! Would you like to enjoy the aroma of coffee in your own restaurant?

Own business, despite the fact that the franchise is carried out under someone else’s name, is one of the most effective ways to quick financial success. And most importantly, the risk of failure in the franchise is much lower. The survival rate of companies here is as much as 80 percent.

Franchise in Poland is developing very dynamically. Every year there are new franchise concepts and franchisees. It is currently operating in Poland 1 300 franchise networks and approx  80 000 franchisees, which puts our franchise market in the leading position in Europe. Therefore, the franchise sector has also become an important employer. On average, 5-6 people are employed in one premises / facility. The total number of employees in franchise facilities has already exceeded 400 thousand people, and including franchisors, over 0.5 million people are already employed on the Polish franchise market.

We advise our clients on choosing the best investment, industry and concept. If you are thinking about your own business – contact us!

Sources: franczyza.org.pl

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