A business perspective in the gastronomic franchise?

According to a report prepared by the Academy Development of Network Systems (ARSS), the number of franchises operating in the gastronomic industry is increasing in Poland. It is indicated that there are currently nearly 200 chains of gastronomic operating in Poland that have declared their readiness to develop in the franchise system.

The increase in visitors to gastronomic premises, the consolidation and development of the industry resulted in 146 franchise concepts operating in Poland 5 years ago, while now near to 200. Currently, there are near 4,8 thousand premises, including near 3,7 thousand franchise. Large and well-known brands have the largest number of premises. That is why the gastronomy franchise market has been divided into mature enterprises and enterprises just starting their activity in the franchise.

Which brands are most often chosen?

Categories such as ice cream shops, patisseries and cafes are the most popular among franchisees. Lodolandia (600 branches in Poland) and Lody Bonano (230 branches in Poland) have a large network of ice cream shops.

In the pizza segment, franchise cooperation is becoming increasingly popular. Da Grasso (186 franchise premises) and Biesiadowo (119 franchise premises) are the largest networks in this category.

Nearly 50 franchise concepts currently operate in the fast & slow food category. The well-known and largest Franchisor in this segment is McDonald’s (380 franchise premises), Subway (130 franchise premises).

In other segments of the gastronomy industry, the development of companies has also been noted, but it is not significant, compared to the largest category. It is noted that in almost every segment there is a known brand that is growing fast.

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