The importance of private labels in market development

Experts point out that development and change of the image of private labels are a power for the innovative development for well-known and large brands. Private labels have emerged from the economy segment and are now more and more often chosen by the Polish consumer.
Today, products with a private label are over 30% of the value of the shopping basket in Poland — informs the portal, citing Nielsen. General Creative Director at HiBrands Paweł Frej explains that such changes are associated with the development of commercial networks. In last years, private labels have been developing mainly in the cosmetics and food industries. Consumers have started shopping more often in commercial networks where such products are offered.

Previously, private labels were almost only in the economy segment in discount chains, which was associated with low quality and price of product. When discount chains changed their strategy, private labels also started their metamorphosis — informs portal The quality of the products has been improved, while the price and image have been oriented to the mainstream client.

Paweł Frej says that nowadays private labels are an innovative market power that precisely adapts to all market trends and consumer tastes.

According to experts, private labels will not change universal and well-known brands. Although big brands, seeing the competition, will have to look for unique, interesting solutions. Own and universal brands shape each other’s identity.

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