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Bike Café, which is the first network of cycling cafes in Poland, was created out of passion for bicycles and coffee. Our cafes are placed on properly adapted bikes moving freely in the urban space. Mobility allows us to be always where the heart of the city beats on a given day.

Bike Café appeared on the streets of Poznań for the first time in 2012. Since then, we have been systematically multiplying the number of mobile cafes in Poland and more. Since 2014, the network has been developing in the Franchise model, opening its points in other cities in the most attractive locations in the country. Currently, Bike Cafe bikes can be found on the streets of twenty Polish cities. Bike Cafe outlets also operate in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. The coming year is planned development in Poland and foreign expansion.


As of today, the network has a total of 70 units – 2 own units and 68 franchise units.

The goal of Bike Café is to build in Poland and abroad a network of mobile bicycle cafes based on three principles:

  1. Point aesthetics + excellent coffee.
  2. Mobility – we are where our customers are.
  3. Coherence with urban space and nature.

The Bike Café concept provides great freedom in choosing the sales model.

  1. Coffee to Go  – quick sale from a point on a busy street.
  2. Event Cafe – a mobile cafe at the conference, market, festival.
  3. Coffee Island  – sale from a point located in a shopping center, train station, office building.

The franchisee decides where, when and in what form it sells on a given day.

Thanks to the developed technical solutions, Bike Café bikes can sell for several hours without having to connect to the media. Bicycles work in absolute silence, in all weather conditions, temperatures from -10 to +35 C. Therefore, we can work at any time of the year. 


2 own units:

  • Poznań, Plac Wolności,
  • Poznań, event unit.


63 cafes



We support our partners in all aspects of the proposed form of doing business.

As part of cooperation, we offer:

  • Assistance in preparing financial simulation of investments,
  • Support in obtaining a location and assessing its sales potential,
  • Support and advice during the point’s organization phase (recruitment, promotion in the media, etc.),
  • Marketing and organizational support during the organization of the opening of the Bike Café,
  • Training for baristas, technical bicycle service and training of sales techniques,
  • A manual containing operating procedures, product recipes and sales scripts,
  • Tools and procedures for effective point management,
  • A full set of accessories for baristas,
  • Business cards, loyalty cards, outfits for employees, email account at @

As part of the Bike Café bike purchase, we offer a fully equipped bike – ready to start working, including:

  • Professional pressure coffee maker and grinder,
  • Bicycle frame with wooden buildings made of high quality wood,
  • Bicycle supply systems that allow autonomous sales of up to 800 espresso without charging,
  • Aluminum, folding roof with winter cover,
  • All other necessary accessories for selling coffee from the Bike Café.

As part of the commission on the sales volume, already during operations we offer:

  • Full support and advice in all aspects of the business,
  • Access to semi-finished products at preferential prices,
  • Access to the catalog of non-sleek products (drinks, cakes, branding gadgets, i.e. T-shirts, mugs),
  • Marketing and promotional support (website, social media activities),
  • Participation in all new products introduced on the web – card payment, Bike Café Monitoring System, IT and traditional loyalty programs,
  • Invitations for events / festivals obtained centrally.

We estimate that the investment will pay back even within 6 months. Every month, Bike Café should sell around 1,500 coffees, which is 50 coffees a day.

With such sales before tax in the franchisee’s pocket will remain about 6 thousand. PLN per month (1/3 of revenue).



Thanks to the Bike Café Monitoring System you can efficiently and remotely manage your employees and cafes wherever you are. This tool gives you full control of your business!

  • Geolocation
    Your customers always know where to find their favorite Bike Café bike,
  • Online orders
    You order products online and you have access to the entire order history,
  • Employee
    control You can control coffee consumption, punctuality and working time,
  • Statistics A
    tool for monitoring the parameters of your business,


We have no formal requirements. We support our partners in all aspects of the mobile cafe business.

However, we focus primarily on entrepreneurs, active partners who want to participate in the creation of the Bike Café brand. In our business, we maximize profits largely through the proper and dynamic location of the Bike Café bike.

Partners with experience in gastronomy, and preferably passion for coffee and bicycles are welcome.

We invite everyone who is fed up with full-time work and would like to achieve financial stability and run a proven business on clear and simple principles. Contact us and arrange an individual meeting, where we will discuss all the details of your business.

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