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A- Studio Figura

A- Studio Figura:

Legendary Europe works with Studio Figura as an official agent in the Middle East. We have opened eleven (11) studios in side Poland, in which two of them belonging to Legendary Europe & Planning are to expand their activities to the Middle East countries soon. It is one of Legendary Europe’s most recommended franchisors with an exceptional, exceptional return on investment in just 10-12 months.


You are here because you are looking for a business idea for yourself. There are two conditions for good business in the body shaping (weight loss) industry.

You must be sure that:

Your clients will achieve results
You will earn great money by helping clients achieve their goals.

Studio Figura is a Business Model that meets both of the above conditions.

Figura® International organizes the METAMORPHOSIS competition every year. Ladies from all over the world fight for their health, appearance and, of course, for the prizes we receive from February to November.

You can see the Makeover Winners here:


In the Studio Figura concept, we guarantee monthly revenues of 35-60 thousand. zlotys. After deducting the costs (depending on the rental price of the premises or personnel costs, the total financing installments are approx. PLN 20-27 thousand), the average income obtained in offices is PLN 10-35 thousand. pure gold.

Studio Figura is a business created by a woman for women

Studio Figura® International has been on the market for 14 years, and it all started in the small town of Tarnowo Podgórne near Poznań. It was there that the first Studio Figura® was established, run by the founder of Studio Figura, President Izabella Michalak.

Izabella Michalak privately, a patient with insulin resistance, hypothyroidism and hasimoto, created a place where healthy women, but above all with health dysfunctions, could fight for weight loss and their health. After thirteen years of companies’ presence on the market, we can present huge numbers:

250 licensed offices in Poland
1,050 offices around the world.
Figura® International is:
manufacturer of body and body care devices;
co-producer of cosmetic devices – face and body treatment;
producer of own line of cosmetics and supplements;
Creator of the Studio Figura internet platform for generating diets and creating customer schedules;
publisher of the STUDIO FIGURA magazine (quarterly).
Why is the Studio Figura concept unique for the Franchisee?
brand and logo recognizable in Poland and in the world, Polish Patents, OHIM,
business with women and for women (women’s zone),
ready training programs,
ready diet programs,
ready SF Platform, online analysis of your profits, employee activity, customer reservations, training notification system, diet generation system,
patented technologies in devices = uniqueness of the product,
professional theoretical and practical training, Accreditation of the Board of Education
a line of cosmetics and supplements supporting the operation of customers (available only in licensed offices)
considerable autonomy in the franchisee’s activities,
day-to-day support for the office’s operation by supporting an individual supervisor from the COK department in exchange for a symbolic franchise fee,
support for the company’s Legal Department, protection of your business, GDPR procedure, personal data protection, protection of intellectual property,
domestic marketing financed from the headquarters,
The SFI Franchisor does not charge interest on the Franchisee’s profits.


How quickly will you start earning?
We are launching a campaign promoting the “start” of your studio three months before the Grand Opening.
By starting your marketing campaigns before opening your office, you earn money in the first month of operation.
To find out about the effectiveness of our unique know-how, we invite you to the Grand Opening in one of our offices. Check how many potential customers turn up at these events.
Do you need a specialized education?

Most of our owners do not have a university education. We conduct training in the field of training, creating diet programs, building tickets, sales and marketing. Completion of the course is confirmed by a certificate entitling to conduct and work in a licensed body shaping studio, Studio Figura.

Do I need my own place?

Most of Studio Figura’s offices are located in rented premises with an area of ​​100-180 m2. That is why we introduced the verification of lease agreements to the legal aid package before opening.

Regardless of whether the premises are our own or rented, through our design department we create individual interior styling Studio Figura.

over 1000 partner offices in Poland

We invite everyone who is fed up with full-time work and would like to achieve financial stability and run a proven business on clear and simple rules. Contact us and arrange an individual meeting where we will discuss all the details of Tw

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